Operation 2016

i feel i should mention how it’s been a while since a post, or how i have people who tell me i should continue blogging about my randomness. i’m going to just leave that right there…while moving on to the more important matter.

operation 2016

operation 2016 started december 28, 2015 when my girl friend & i were having dinner catching up on the holidays.  i was back in my home town & caught the fever.

“i’m going to get married” i told her.
“you’re what?!”
“yes. operation 2016. i’m going to get married”
“like meet the guy or actually get married before the end of 2016?”
“let’s not put limits or boundaries on this.  how about i just meet the guy by the end of 2016?”

all she could do was giggle.  after all.  my track record with dating hasn’t exactly been hitting home runs.  more like the cubs pre-2016.  since the cubs did it in  2016, why can’t i?

well, it’s november now.  though i date, i currently have no real aspirations of seeing a diamond come new years eve.  however, i have given this the appropriate focus it required.

about 2 months ago i realized i had started labeling the guys by the month(s) for which i dated them. example: august edition, september edition, etc.  each comes with their own unique dating stories. as one of my guy friends even said “bc, i can’t imagine what your type actually is”. me neither. that’s why i am not exclusive on types!

i’ll be generic, but thought we could all find some humor (and perhaps hope) in the adventures of operation 2016. stay tuned. 🙂


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Sunsets in Scottsdale

great news. found the beach.

let’s back the fun train up. first, i went to one of my amazing cousins weddings.  it was in an apple orchard in colorado a few weeks ago & better than anything pinterest could dream up.

it was a quick weekend with family, but it was so very good.  nothing like an andrews wedding. nothing. 

this past week i found the beach. turns out one resides along the coast of turks and caicos. 



it was good.  exhausting but good.  the greatest part? wanting to come home. i get nervous sometimes that maybe my wandering heart will always wander. it’s good for me to know i do have roots – even within travels. on my way home i was stuck in dallas. oh how it made me miss my oklahoma roots.  i get asked, a lot, what place is my favorite that i’ve lived in so far.  my answer? all of them. i love oklahoma and all that God allowed into my life thru it – the adventures, the tears, the joys, the love.  i love maui for the beauty of Christ that is reflected in everything to be known – people and places.  and now, well, now i love scottsdale. the friends, the church, the comfort. it’s delightful.

my mac crashed the moment i got home the other night. gasp! it was the monitor, but either way i bought a new one.  i’m sitting in my new chair watching the brilliance of the sunset sipping on wine while i type.  i may not enjoy everything about my life all the time, but in this moment – tonight – my heart is full with thankfulness for such a special month. God is so very good.

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Heat: Day 4

well.  it’s come. the heat has come. it’s day 4.

the first two days i thought i could do it. i thought i could make it.  but it’s still here.

they say it stays for 3 months.  that’s 90 days.

it’s day 4.

must. find. beach.

[dramatic effect comes naturally when writing about the heat so it seems…]

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What I Want

two years ago i met this amazing, phenomenal person one night after church.  i had been praying for a new friend at that time as my two besties on the island were away for a month.  this new friend just happened to be on the island for two more weeks before ending her sabbatical.  it was a friendship only God could have planned.

those two weeks were some of the two most fun weeks i had on that beautiful island.  however, one night in particular we were watching sunset & she was telling me the reason she came & essentially it was to figure this out.  to see whether, where i am in life and what i’m doing will produce what i want in the future. brilliant.

she ended up leaving what most would consider a dream job & moving across country to be close to family & eventually meet a rockstar of midwestern dream guy.  she inspired me to say the least.

i may not be at part b of my journey yet, but i know without a doubt this is where i’m supposed to be.  because where i am and what i’m doing is planting seeds of where i want to be.  it’s hard. it hurts at times. it’s hilarious at times. it’s freeing. it’s beautiful.

i’m not where i want to be, but i’m not where i was.  i’ve become involved with my local church here, i’m running again, i’m meditating on God’s word and who He is,  and though i don’t have a man yet i believe God is good in that.  God has brought me amazing friends here that we’ve clicked so quickly it just had to be Him.

and those nights that it seems just a bit overwhelming, i call up my friend that i met that one night just to hear her dreams as she is so inspiring. i call my other girlfriend that is my maui twin to hear her laughter & keep focused.  i call my amazing friends in tulsa. i call up my new friends here.  because they’re all some of the most amazing people to call friends. and that. that is where i want to be – in the midst of a beautiful community that to me is family.

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Lover of Souls

sometimes we just need a moment. to sit. to take in the Lord, the lover of souls.  today i had such moments.

due to working most of the weekend, i had this monday off.  the afternoon was spent just praying for people and praising God for who He is.

taking in God. reveling in the fact that he loves the souls of those whom i love.  he wants what’s best for them more than i do. 

to have someone that loves, genuinely loves those whom i love, is mind blowing to me. not all my circles intertwine, yet God knows each of their hearts & was the one who brought our hearts together.  He loves them each so much.  i have begun to pray that my husband love those whom i love.  i have some really unique people in my life with some breathe taking God stories…and some whose God stories have yet to climax.  i want my husband to love not only me, but those who i would give my life for.  love is such a choice.  a hard choice at times.  oh how i pray my husband loves like Jesus. no pressure.

and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. ~ Ephesians 3:19

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Dating Sites

this is why you have me as a single friend – so we can laugh about the ridiculousness of singles.  we would not have as many laughs if i weren’t. trust me.

so this evenings blog is really about “how i wish i could respond on dating sites”…let’s begin

hye gorgus…cant stop thinking of u. u wnat to hook up?

no, no i don’t. obviously you didn’t read that faith part of my whole profile thing. super. oh yes, and that masters in your title either (a) isn’t true or (b) you paid someone to get it.

hey, great getting to know you. let’s talk via phone?
sure sounds great!  here’s my number & i’m available after 5 any night this week.
ok great can’t wait
next day…
hey can’t wait to talk how’s your day?
super! yes, me to.
why haven’t we talked yet?

again, that masters in your profile i was assuming meant a higher level of education.  obviously i am the one mistaken. read men for the love of all holy things READ.

[26th message to each other…]
sure great to getting to know each other
yes, it is.  i enjoy going outside & doing outside things too though.  i’m pretty sure you mentioned you like coffee, yes?  going to any coffee places that are cool anytime soon?
oh yea, me & my bros are heading to this awesome coffee place tomorrow – i’ll tell you all about it!

spectacular.  i’ve always wondered what a pen pal would be like.

i own my own business & sometimes cross moral boundaries to make a buck

i’m sorry…perhaps you have me confused with some other woman that doesn’t care about herself or see herself as God’s child created for something amazing in this life.  thank you for making it perfectly clear we should never see each other again. ever.

i love rock concerts and loving God.

and you look great doing those things might i add.  should i tell you now or later that it takes everything within me to sit thru some of the rock songs?? would it be so bad for you to date someone who doesn’t love rock concerts??? let’s just ponder that whilst we go on a few dates.

how was your weekend?
it was awesome!! probably had a few too many drinks last night – as i don’t remember anything. man i really had way too many. so much drinking!

[crickets]. we’ve been messaging for weeks now.  my patience with men overall is at about a 2.5.  you either live out what you say you believe or you don’t.  slip ups happen, but no. i won’t marry a drunk. i have too freaking many in my life already.  my husband won’t increase that number.

perfect on paper…

dear perfect on paper, i’m so sorry.  you seem so amazing. here’s the truth though.  i am human & therefore can’t see myself marrying someone who looks 55.  because that’s about my dad’s age.  the fact that you say you’re 38 & yet you look like 55 makes me even more nervous.  will you look like 80 when you’re 55??  these superficial things scare the crap out of me.  you’ll find that perfect girl somewhere. it won’t be me, but somewhere.  here’s two thumbs up for trying though! sincerely, #imahorribleperson

i love God. i love adventure. i am an outgoing introvert. i just love people, and i’d really like getting to know you.

dear mr. wonderful, please write me back. i know i sound pathetic, but you have no idea the crap i’ve been thru on this site. please be normal, fun, authentic, sincere, and a man of genuine faith just like you appear in your profile.  that’s all i ask.  sincerely, #thinkingofbecominganun

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Better to have Loved…

with valentines day coming up this week, i thought i would replicate what one friend wrote many years ago when she was in her season of singleness.

here are the moments that take my breath away, that make my heart beat, those which bring light to this world and humor to the moments.

to you my friends i say i love you:

– to you who shared a cup of coffee with me
– to you who said yes to going on an adventure with me
– to you who let me buy you a simple meal
– to you who brought me flowers
– to you who “hug attacked” me
– to you who text me to tell me you miss me
– to you who shed tears with me
– to you who have allowed me to be a part of your wedding day
– to you who share your children’s laughter with me
– to you who have been on your knees in prayer with and for me
– to you who open up your family to me
– to you who spoke wisdom into my life
– to you who paddle boarded with me
– to you who challenged my faith
– to you who ran with me
– to you who encouraged me
– to you who “check-in” on me
– to you who inspire me
– to you who have ever shared happy hour with me
– to you who surprised me
– to you who allow and encourage me to be me
– to you who embrace me as one who doesn’t quite fit in a box
– to you who treat me as if i make an impact on your life
– to you who have shared wine with me
– to you who have sat at my table
– to you who has watched sunsets and sunrises and counted the stars with me
– to you who have shared an ocean with me
– to you who have dreamed big
– to you who have shared front porch time with me
– to you who accept that we don’t get to see or talk as much as we’d like but you still are  my closest friends
– to you who gave up your time to be with me
– to you who protected me
– to you who sat in the sun with me
– to you who took walks with me
– to you who went on hikes with me
– to you who explored with me
– to you who dared tent-camping with me
– to you who let me start the fire
– to you who share waterfalls with me
– to you who demonstrate God’s unconditional and unfailing love to the world
– to you who spoke forgiveness over me when i fall
– to you who love

to you my friends, i say i love you.

Grand Wailea

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